Air fryer Chickpeas

Crunchy, high protein and vegan, these are the perfect healthy snacks.

These zucchini chips in air fryer are done without any breading or flour. Delicious, low calorie snack.

Air fryer Edamame

Edamame beans is my new favourite healthy snack. I love their taste. It is a high protein snack.

Air fryer Falafel

Falafel are a vegan, delicious and very healthy chickpea balls that are a perfect snack.

Beetroot Cutlet

These delicious beetroot cutlets with veggies and protein is a wonderful snack.

Stuffed Cheesy Mushrooms

Made with just 4 ingredients yet super easy and delightfully delicious.

Chilli Cheese Toast

These chilli cheese toast are super easy to put together and are the perfect snack or appetiser with high protein.

Bang Bang Shrimp

Gorgeous Breaded crispy shrimp paired with a punchy Bang Bang sauce. Perfect for parties.

Air fryer Chicken on a Stick

These chicken kabobs or chicken on a stick are quick and easy to make. Perfect high protein healthy snack.

Garlic Parmesan Wings

These crispy wings are perfect as a snack or appeetizer. They are keto and very satiating.