1. Assemble 3 shallow plates. 2. Cornflakes, breadcrumbs, spices and salt in one. 3. Beaten eggs in 2nd 4. Whole wheat flour with salt and pepper in 3rd.

5. Marinate chicken drumsticks in Greek yogurt, ginger garlic minced, salt and Tabasco for 2-4 hours.

6. Prepare drumsticks by dipping in flour mix followed by beaten eggs and then in breading to get a nice coating. Keep aside.

7. Preheat Air fryer at 320 F for 5 minutes. Lay prepared drumsticks in one layer in the basket. Air fry at 320 F for 15 minutes.  Air fry at 390 F for 6 minutes more.

8. Delicious KFC copycat crispy chicken drumsticks are done. Serve hot with dip of choice. Enjoy.