Potato Pancake Recipe Air fryer

Potato Pancake Recipe Air fryer

1. You can use leftover mashed potatoes for the recipe. Or make potato mash with cheese (vegan or dairy), scallion, salt and pepper.

2. Make round patties that are flattened.  This is to facilitate easy cooking. Also take 1 cup breadcrumbs.

3. Press each potato cake or patty into the breadcrumbs to coat them evenly. Put in freezer to hold shape.

4. Preheat air fryer at 390F or 200C for 5 minutes. Lay mashed potato cakes in air fryer basket. Spray with oil.

5. Air fry at 390F or 200C for about 10 minutes till the outside is golden brown and crispy. Flip midway during cooking.

6. Gorgeous potato cakes or potato pancakes are ready to serve. Serve with sour cream/vegan cream cheese on top. Enjoy.