1.Take 1 tsp. mustard oil in a kadhai. Add sliced onions and ginger garlic paste and fry till golden brown.

2.Blend into a thick paste. Add the spice powders, salt and tamarind pulp and cook more. Let the stuffing be thick.

3. Take karela and scrape lightly. Make a slit and scoop out seeds. Apply salt all over karela and keep aside. Wash off after 30 minutes.

4. Take the split karelas and spoon the stuffing inside generously. You can use a string to wrap around stuffed karela.

5. Pre-heat Airfryer at 200 C or 390 F for 5 minutes.  Air fry for about 6-8 minutes till the karelas are golden brown and slightly crisp.

6. Delicious stuffed karela are ready to eat. Enjoy them with rotis or parathas.